Stothers and Abel, p.c. 2000

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
I-16624 33ER30 (Dillon) OH
GX-11469 33WO9 (Dodge) OH 525 ± 70 -15.5
GX-11468 33WO9 (Dodge) OH 585 ± 70 -15.7
DIC-99/CWRU-99 33WO9 (Dodge) OH
DIC-886 33LU86 (Martin) OH
DIC-885 33LU86 (Martin) OH
DIC-850 33ER1 (Esch Mound II) OH
DIC-790 33ER75 (Anderson) OH
DIC-789 33ER75 (Anderson) OH
DIC-788 33ER75 (Anderson) OH
DIC-787 33ER75 (Anderson) OH
DIC-786 33ER75 (Anderson) OH
DIC-785 33ER75 (Anderson) OH
DIC-71/CWRU-71 33LA7 (Reeve Village) OH
DIC-586 33CU34 (Squaw Rockshelter) OH
DIC-430 33LU118 (Petrie) OH
DIC-424 33SA1 (Squaw Island) OH
DIC-40/CWRU-40 33LU11 (Doctors) OH
DIC-39/CWRU-39 33LU11 (Doctors) OH
DIC-34/CWRU-34 33LU11 (Doctors) OH
DIC-321 33CU34 (Squaw Rockshelter) OH
DIC-2354 33WO-? (Gunn-Eberle 2) OH
DIC-2353 33WO-? (Gunn-Eberle 2) OH
DIC-2003 33WO9 (Dodge) OH
DIC-2002 33WO9 (Dodge) OH