Sassaman and Anderson 1995

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
LUNK-1851 38CH61 (Murray's Island) SC
UGa-8186 38FA204/38FA205 (Bear Creek) 3840 ± 60 -27.5
UGa-6787 38FA204/38FA205 (Bear Creek) 3560 ± 50 -24.8
UGa-5840 38GE46 (Minim Island) 3390 ± 116
UGa-584 38CH62 (Spanish Mount) SC
UGa-583 38CH62 (Spanish Mount) SC
RL-1036 38LX5
M-1209 38CH41 (Auld/ Yough Hall Plantation) SC 4180 ± 130
I-3047 38BU8-2 (Small Ford/ Skull Creek Shell Ring) 3890 ± 110 -25.0
I-2850 38BU8-1 (Large Ford/ Skull Creek Shell Ring) 3585 ± 115 -25.0
I-2848 38BU7 (Sea Pines Shell Ring) 3810 ± 110
GX-345 38AL15 (Rabbit Mount)
GX-343 38AL15 (Rabbit Mount)
DIC-2514 38CH217 (Venning Creek) SC
Beta-6399 38AN29 (Sara's Ridge)
Beta-6397 38AN8 (Simpson's Field)
Beta-6230 38GE46 (Minim Island)
Beta-56174 38CT58 (Copperhead Hollow)
Beta-56173 38CT58 (Copperhead Hollow)
Beta-56172 38CT58 (Copperhead Hollow)
Beta-4307 38AB91 (Rocky River)
Beta-42581 38CH124 (Bass Pond) SC
Beta-2737 38AN29 (Sara's Ridge)
Beta-2736 38AN29 (Sara's Ridge)
Beta-2735 38AN29 (Sara's Ridge)