Anderson and Sassaman 1995

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
Beta-20179 9FL164 (Rush) GA
Beta-3763 9EB21 (Parris Island South)
Y-1405 31FY14 (Bottoms Rock Shelter)
Y-1406 31FY14 (Bottoms Rock Shelter)
Beta-16922 38BU805 (Fish Haul)
DIC-1844 38BK229 (Mattassee Lake Sites) SC
GX-1752 38AL16 (Clear Mount)
I-2847 38BU7 (Sea Pines Shell Ring) 3520 ± 110
I-2849 38BU8-1 (Large Ford/ Skull Creek Shell Ring) 3530 ± 110
M-267 38JA5 (Refuge)
MRRI-25 38CH60 (Crow Island) SC
QC-784 38JA61 (Second Refuge Site)
QC-785 38JA61 (Second Refuge Site)
RL-1034 38LX5
RL-1038 38LX5
UGa-2901 38CH12 (Lighthouse Point) SC
UGa-2902 38CH12 (Lighthouse Point) SC
UGa-2903 38CH12 (Lighthouse Point) SC
UGa-2904 38CH12 (Lighthouse Point) SC
UGa-2905 38CH12 (Lighthouse Point) SC
UGa-3116 38CH121 (Venning Creek II) SC
UGa-3305 38BU9 (Daw's Island) 3670 ± 80 0.0
UGa-3515 38LX5 2995 ± 110 -25.0