Johnson and Stipp 1980

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
UM-1781 8AL? (Henderson Mound)
UM-1782 8AL? (Henderson Mound)
UM-1783 8AL? (Henderson Mound)
UM-1784 8AL? (Henderson Mound)
UM-1785 8AL? (Henderson Mound)
UM-1786 8SU?
UM-1787 8SU?
UM-1788 8AL? (Henderson Mound)
UM-1789 8AL? (Henderson Mound)
UM-1790 8AL? (Henderson Mound)
UM-1798 8LA118 850 ± 70 -26.8
UM-1826 8PO? (Peace River) 2150 ± 130 -25.2
UM-1827 8PO? (Peace River) 3260 ± 130 -26.2
UM-1828 8PO? (Peace River) -27.2
UM-1829 8PO? (Peace River) -27.2
UM-1830 8PO? (Peace River) -29.2
UM-1831 8PO? (Peace River) -28.4
UM-1832 8PO? (Peace River) 3500 ± 370 -26.9
UM-1833 8PO? (Peace River) -27.5
UM-1913 8MO? (Crane Key)