Burchett et al 1994- Across the Colorado Plateau

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
Beta-51608 K:7:19 (442-13) AZ
Beta-51607 K:7:19 (442-13) AZ
Beta-51606 K:7:18 (442-12) AZ
Beta-51605 K:7:18 (442-12) AZ
Beta-51604 K:7:18 (442-12) AZ
Beta-51582 K:7:19 (442-13) AZ
Beta-51581 K:7:19 (442-13) AZ
Beta-51580 K:7:18 (442-12) AZ
Beta-51579 K:7:18 (442-12) AZ
Beta-50587 H:9:21 (442-45) AZ
Beta-50578 I:9:10 (442-87; AR 3-4-3-351) AZ