Deats 2010, Data Recovery Investigations of 30 Archaeological Sites at Talking Rock Ranch…

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
Beta-234118 N:2:111(ASM) AZ 860
Beta-234117 N:2:102(ASM) AZ 910
Beta-234116 N:2:94(ASM) AZ 1230
Beta-234115 N:2:91(ASM) AZ 810
Beta-234114 N:2:89(ASM) AZ 1020
Beta-234113 N:2:89(ASM) AZ 1200
Beta-234112 N:2:88(ASM) AZ 810
Beta-234111 N:2:89(ASM) AZ 1470
Beta-234110 N:2:88(ASM) AZ 1530
Beta-234109 N:2:88(ASM) AZ 860
Beta-234108 N:2:73(ASM) AZ 920
Beta-234107 N:2:68(ASM) AZ 1750