Pinter and Stokes 2009, Settlement History along SR 88/188

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
Beta-165267 U:8:628 (Pinto Creek Pithouse) AZ 1020
Beta-165268 U:8:628 (Pinto Creek Pithouse) AZ 920
Beta-165269 U:8:619 (Metate Cache) AZ 880
Beta-181342 V:5:213 (Yucca Tangle) AZ
Beta-181343 V:5:214 (Dos Venados) AZ 670
Beta-181344 V:5:214 (Dos Venados) AZ 630
Beta-181345 V:5:214 (Dos Venados) AZ 580
Beta-181346 V:5:214 (Dos Venados) AZ 730
Beta-181347 V:5:214 (Dos Venados) AZ 730
Beta-181348 V:5:245 (Devore Wash Field House) AZ 560
Beta-210262 V:9:56(ASM) (Monitor) AZ 1030
Beta-210263 V:9:56(ASM) (Monitor) AZ 1160
Beta-210264 V:9:56(ASM) (Monitor) AZ 1000
Beta-210265 V:9:56(ASM) (Monitor) AZ 670
Beta-210266 V:9:56(ASM) (Monitor) AZ 600
Beta-210267 V:9:56(ASM) (Monitor) AZ 1010
Beta-210268 V:9:56(ASM) (Monitor) AZ 940
Beta-210269 V:9:56(ASM) (Monitor) AZ 1070
Beta-210270 V:9:56(ASM) (Monitor) AZ 690
Beta-216414 V:9:56(ASM) (Monitor) AZ 1000
Beta-216415 V:9:56(ASM) (Monitor) AZ 650
Beta-216416 V:9:56(ASM) (Monitor) AZ 770
Beta-216417 V:9:57(ASM) (Columbus) AZ 1920
Beta-216418 V:9:59(ASM) (Refugia) AZ 820
Beta-216419 V:9:60 (Multigrade) AZ 880