Herr and Whitney 2014, Their Own Road: Arch Inves. Along Satte Route 260

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
Beta-204532 O:12:41/04-1431 (Karaoke Falls) AZ 80
Beta-192508 O:12:41/04-1431 (Karaoke Falls) AZ 2980
Beta-156784 O:12:73(ASM) (Tangleroot) AZ 1660
Beta-154446 P:9:26/04-1394 (Prayer Site) AZ 1090
Beta-154190 P:9:39(ASM)/04-379 (Chiseler Hill) AZ 930
Beta-153225 P:9:26/04-1394 (Prayer Site) AZ 850
Beta-153224 O:12:25(ASM)/04-743 (McGoonie Site) AZ 230
Beta-140847 P:9:28 (Grub Steak) AZ 690