Doyel and Hoffman 2003, Settlement History along Pinal Creek in the Globe Highlands, Arizona

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
Beta-122855 V:5:220/86(ASM) (BC) AZ 640
Beta-122854 V:5:222/85 (Murray Wash) AZ 630
Beta-122341 V:9:367/78 (Triangle G) AZ 1010
Beta-122340 V:9:367/78 (Triangle G) AZ 890
Beta-122339 V:9:365(ASM)/908 (Rocky Point) AZ 940
Beta-122338 V:9:365(ASM)/908 (Rocky Point) AZ 1320
Beta-122337 V:9:365(ASM)/908 (Rocky Point) AZ 840
Beta-122336 V:9:325/907 (JR) AZ 910
Beta-122335 V:9:325/907 (JR) AZ 2490
Beta-122334 V:9:321/191 (Bohme Ranch) AZ 1020
Beta-122333 V:9:321/191 (Bohme Ranch) AZ 1050
Beta-122332 V:5:222/85 (Murray Wash) AZ 820
Beta-122330 V:5:220/86(ASM) (BC) AZ 540