Smiley and Ahlstrom 1998, Archaeological Chronometry

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
Beta-10074 D:7:254 AZ 1810
Beta-10075 D:11:449 AZ
Beta-10076 D:11:1162(ASM) AZ 1560
Beta-10077 D:11:2126 AZ 1820
Beta-10078 D:11:449 AZ 1840
Beta-10079 D:7:152 AZ
Beta-10081 D:11:3133 AZ 1930
Beta-10084 D:11:3133 AZ 1720
Beta-10085 D:11:3133 AZ 2120
Beta-10086 D:11:3133 AZ 2060
Beta-10087 D:11:3133 AZ 2260
Beta-10088 D:11:3133 AZ 2530
Beta-10089 D:11:3133 AZ 2140
Beta-10090 D:11:3133 AZ 2140
Beta-10091 D:11:3133 AZ 2050
Beta-10099 D:11:3133 AZ
Beta-5629 D:11:2045 AZ
DIC-1205 D:7:1108 (Feature 15, hearth) AZ
DIC-1206 D:7:1108 (Feature 15, hearth) AZ
DIC-1207 D:7:1108 (Feature 15, hearth) AZ
DIC-1212 D:11:1504 AZ
DIC-1213 D:11:1411 AZ
GX-807 Q: (Hay Hollow) AZ
I-7913B D:7:152 AZ