Marmaduke and Henderson 1995, Arch in the Distribution Division of the Central Arizona Project

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
AA-7668 T:16:13(ASU) (Maricopa Road) AZ 1055
AA-7669 T:16:13(ASU) (Maricopa Road) AZ 935
AA-7670 T:16:13(ASU) (Maricopa Road) AZ 985
AA-7671 T:16:13(ASU) (Maricopa Road) AZ 985
AA-7672 T:16:13(ASU) (Maricopa Road) AZ 1125
AA-7673 T:16:13(ASU) (Maricopa Road) AZ 1015
Beta-10768 T:12:70(ASM) (Pueblo Patricio) AZ
Beta-10769 T:12:70(ASM) (Pueblo Patricio) AZ
Beta-10771 T:12:70(ASM) (Pueblo Patricio) AZ
Beta-10772 T:12:70(ASM) (Pueblo Patricio) AZ
Beta-10773 T:12:70(ASM) (Pueblo Patricio) AZ
Beta-10774 T:12:70(ASM) (Pueblo Patricio) AZ
Beta-12689 AA:3:80(ASM) (Dip) AZ
Beta-12690 AA:3:80(ASM) (Dip) AZ
Beta-12691 AA:3:80(ASM) (Dip) AZ
Beta-12692 AA:3:80(ASM) (Dip) AZ
Beta-12694 AA: (Santa Cruz river, Ina road) AZ
Beta-12695 AA: (Santa Cruz river, Ina road) AZ
Beta-12696 AA: (Santa Cruz river, Ina road) AZ
Beta-12697 AA: (Santa Cruz river, Ina road) AZ
Beta-12698 AA: (Santa Cruz river, Ina road) AZ
Beta-12699 AA:2:69(ASM) (Crip) AZ
Beta-12700 AA:2:69(ASM) (Crip) AZ
Beta-12701 AA:2:69(ASM) (Crip) AZ
Beta-12702 AA:2:69(ASM) (Crip) AZ