Schiffer and Staski 1982

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
LUNK-0958 AA:5:21(ASM) AZ
UGa-2525 Y:8:3(ASM) (Lago Seco) AZ
UGa-2524 Y:8:3(ASM) (Lago Seco) AZ
UGa-2523 Y:8:3(ASM) (Lago Seco) AZ
UGa-1633 AA:5:14(ASM) AZ
UCR-119F BB:14:10 AZ
UCR-119E BB:14:24 AZ
UCR-119D BB:14:10 AZ
Tx-2804 EE: (Horsethief Draw) AZ
Tx-2802 EE: (Horsethief Draw) AZ
Tx-2801 EE: (Horsethief Draw) AZ
RL-358 AA:9:1(ASM) AZ
RL-224 AA:5:2(ASM) AZ
A-88bis EE:2:35(ASM) (Cienega Creek locality) AZ 2010
A-284 R: (Natural Cave) AZ 604
A-1819 Z:16:13(ASM) (Gu Achi) AZ 970
A-1629 Z:14:30 AZ 920
A-1628 Z:11:5 AZ 890
A-1627 Z:11:5 AZ 950
A-1447 AA:5:43(ASM) AZ 950
A-1446 AA:5:43(ASM) AZ 970