Simmons, Alan H. (1982) Prehistoric Adaptive Strategies in the Chaco Canyon Region, Northwestern New Mexico. Navajo Nation Papers in Anthropology No. 9. Window Rock, Arizona: Navajo Nation Cultural Resource Management Program.

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
UGA-3621 LA17337 NM
UGA-3622 LA17337 NM
UGA-3623 LA17337 NM
UGA-3627 LA18103 NM
UGA-3628 LA18103 NM
UGA-4181 LA18091 NM
UGA-4183 LA18091 NM
UGA-4184 LA18091 NM
UGa-3621 LA17337 NM
UGa-3622 LA17337 NM
UGa-3623 LA17337 NM
UGa-3627 LA18103 NM
UGa-3628 LA18103 NM
UGa-4181 LA18091 NM
UGa-4183 LA18091 NM
UGa-4184 LA18091 NM