Andrews, Peter P., Robert Layhe, Deborah Nichols and Shirley Powell (1982) Excavations on Black Mesa, 1980: A Descriptive Report. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Center for Archaeological Investigations, Research Paper No. 24.

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
I-7913A D:7:152 AZ
UGa-3902 D:7:239 AZ
UGa-3903 D:7:239 AZ
UGa-3904 D:7:239 AZ
UGa-3905 D:7:239 AZ
UGa-3906 D:7:239 AZ
UGa-3907 D:7:262 AZ
UGa-3908 D:7:262 AZ
UGa-3909 D:7:262 AZ
UGa-3910 D:7:262 AZ
UGa-3911 D:7:262 AZ
UGa-3976 D:7:151 (Artillery Mountains) AZ
UGa-3977 D:7:151 (Artillery Mountains) AZ
UGa-3978 D:7:3003 AZ
UGa-3979 D:7:3003 AZ
UGa-3980 D:7:3003 AZ
UGa-3981 D:7:3045 AZ
UGa-3982 D:7:3013 (Mesa Top) AZ
UGa-3983 D:7:3013 (Mesa Top) AZ
UGa-3984 D:7:3013 (Mesa Top) AZ
UGa-3985 D:7:151 (Artillery Mountains) AZ
DIC-1080 D:11:1161(ASM) AZ
DIC-1081 D:11:1161(ASM) AZ
DIC-1082 D:11:1161(ASM) AZ
DIC-1083 D:11:1161(ASM) AZ