King and Van Devender, 1977

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
A-1099 D:7:151 (Artillery Mountains) AZ 10250
A-1353 S: (New Water Mountains) AZ 11060
A-1445 S: (New Water Mountains) AZ 12090
A-10271 D:7:151 (Artillery Mountains) AZ 10250 ± 200
A-10273 D:7:151 (Artillery Mountains) AZ 18320
A-10302 S: (New Water Mountains) AZ 7870
A-10303 AA: (Santa Cruz river, Ina road) AZ 10880
A-10306 S: (New Water Mountains) AZ 11000
A-10309 A: (Artillery Mountains/Vulture Cave) 14400
A-10318 A: (Artillery Mountains/Vulture Cave) 11060 ± 390
A-10320 X: (Butler Mountains #3B) AZ 13400
A-10337 A: (Artillery Mountains/Vulture Cave) 12090 ± 570
A-10272 D:7:151 (Artillery Mountains) AZ 30000