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Lab number
Material dated
Type of date
Mid-Fraser Canyon, Located on the terrace of Bridge River several kilometers upstream from its confluence with the Fraser River. Several kilometers from the Fraser River Six Mile Rapids.
Date uploaded
March 15, 2016
Normalized Age
1201 ± 36
δ13C (per mil)
Stratigraphic component
From Housepit 20/3, feature 4 (cache pit)Stratum-2b
Cache pit
Stratum-2 = Housefloor sediments. These were likely transported to the site from nearby silt/clay deposits. In more rare cases they may have also been acquired from within the bounds of the site. Floor sediments have high levels of clay and silt sized clasts in them. Floor sediments also have evidence for in-situ artifact discard and presence of features. Sub-designations such as '2c' refer to different sequences (such as an earlier or later sub-strat) within the main strata designation.