Buck 2019 - Prehistoric Population Change within the Mt. Trumbull, AZ, Area

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
Beta-209446 A:12:214(MNA) AZ 1340
Beta-209445 A:12:136(ASM) (Kens Big E Pueblo) AZ 880
Beta-209444 A:12:136(ASM) (Kens Big E Pueblo) AZ 1080
Beta-209443 A:12:71(ASM) AZ 1100
Beta-195058 A:12:30(BLM) (Sunset Pueblo) AZ 850
Beta-195057 A:12:136(ASM) (Kens Big E Pueblo) AZ 1000
Beta-195056 A:12:204(BLM) AZ 1150
Beta-189749 A:12:131(BLM) (Zip Code Site) AZ 1060
Beta-189748 A:12:131(BLM) (Zip Code Site) AZ 1380
Beta-189747 A:12:131(BLM) (Zip Code Site) AZ 1250
Beta-167112 A:12:14(MNA) (Uinkaret Pueblo) AZ 920
Beta-167111 A:12:14(MNA) (Uinkaret Pueblo) AZ 1100
Beta-167110 A:12:14(MNA) (Uinkaret Pueblo) AZ 820
Beta-167109 A:12:14(MNA) (Uinkaret Pueblo) AZ 970