Benson and Thompson 1987

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
WIS-378 26 (Truckee River Delta)
WIS-377 26 (Truckee River Delta)
WIS-376 26 (Truckee River Delta)
WIS-375 26 (Truckee River Delta)
WIS-374 26 (Truckee River Delta)
WIS-364 26 (Truckee River Delta)
WIS-363 26 (Truckee River Delta)
WIS-361 26 (Truckee River Delta)
L-676B 26WA196 (Kramer Cave) NV
L-364BI 26PE49 (Fishbone Cave) NV
L-28911 26Pe3a (Crypt Cave (aka 26PE46?)) NV
I-14065 26WA196 (Kramer Cave) NV
I-14064 26WA196 (Kramer Cave) NV
I-14063 26WA196 (Kramer Cave) NV
I-14062 26PE42 (Guano Cave) NV
I-14061 26PE46 (Crypt Cave) NV
I-14060 26PE49 (Fishbone Cave) NV
I-14059 26PE49 (Fishbone Cave) NV
I-14016 26PE46 (Crypt Cave) NV
I-14015 26PE46 (Crypt Cave) NV
I-14014 26PE42 (Guano Cave) NV
I-14013 26PE46 (Crypt Cave) NV
I-14012 26PE49 (Fishbone Cave) NV
I-14011 26WA (Pyramid Lake lacustrine clay wo1) NV
I-14010 26PE46 (Crypt Cave) NV