Hubbs, C. L., Bien, G. S., and Suess, H. E. 1965

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
LJ-971 CA-SDI-? (SDM-W-1583) CA
LJ-965 CA-SDI-? (SDM-W-1583) CA
LJ-960 CA-IMP-? (Lake Cahuilla) CA
LJ-955 CA-SMI-536 (Cuyler Harbor) CA
LJ-932 CA-SBR-? (The Knob) CA
LJ-70 CA-SDI-? (SDM-W-1583) CA
LJ-65 CA-SDI-? (SDM-W-1583) CA
LJ-599 CA-SRI-5 (Survey Point) CA