Smiley, F. E., Deborah L. Nichols and Peter P. Andrews (1983) Excavations on Black Mesa, 1981: A Descriptive Report. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Center for Archaeological Investigations, Research Paper No. 36.

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
Beta-5633 D:11:3061 AZ
Beta-5628 D:11:2068 AZ
Beta-5627 D:11:2068 AZ
Beta-5626 D:11:2068 AZ
Beta-5625 D:11:2068 AZ
Beta-5624 D:11:2063 AZ
Beta-5623 D:7:3194 AZ
Beta-5622 D:7:3194 AZ
Beta-5621 D:7:3144 AZ
Beta-5620 D:7:3144 AZ
Beta-5619 D:7:3141 AZ
Beta-5618 D:7:3141 AZ
Beta-5617 D:7:2085 (Tsosie Shelter) AZ
Beta-5616 D:7:254 AZ
Beta-5615 D:7:254 AZ
Beta-5614 D:7:254 AZ
Beta-4513 D:11:1504 AZ
Beta-4512 D:11:1504 AZ
Beta-4511 D:11:244 AZ
Beta-4510 D:11:244 AZ
Beta-4509 D:11:244 AZ
Beta-4508 D:7:2100 AZ
Beta-4507 D:7:239 AZ
Beta-4506 D:7:239 AZ
Beta-4505 D:7:3013 (Mesa Top) AZ